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Mean Variance Optimization

Mean Variance Optimization (MVO), also known as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), is a quantitative asset allocation technique that allows you to use diversification to balance the risk and return in your portfolio.

We currently offer two mean variance optimizers: VisualMvo (single-period) and MvoPlus (multi-period with rebalancing).

Click here to learn more about MVO in both single and multi-period contexts, or here for more detail. The second link also contains suggestions on how to decide which of our two optimizers is right for you.

Monte-Carlo Simulation

Monte-Carlo Simualtion is a technique in which the statistics of possible future outcomes are investigated by creating and averaging many different realizations, subject to some assumed probabality distribution.

Monte-Carlo simulation is used in our Monte-Carlo retirement simulator MCRetire.


Single-period MVO

VisualMvo icon VisualMvo is a single-period mean variance optimizer that enables you to construct the Efficient Frontier -- the set of portfolios with greater expected return than any other with the same or less risk, and less risk than any other with the same or greater expected return. VisualMvo is an implementation of the Markowitz critical line algorithm.

Multi-period MVO

MvoPlus icon MvoPlus is a novel mean variance optimizer with the ability to optimize for true multi-period (geometric mean) return of portfolios that are rebalanced to a given allocation at the end of each period. MvoPlus allows you to build Constant Ratio Asset Allocation (CRAAL) strategies with the potential to out-perform all of the constituent assets in your portfolio. The algorithm used in MvoPlus is based on recent research in portfolio optimization.

The program also functions as a conventional single period optimizer, or as a back-tester and optimizer of historical data.

Retirement Calculator

MCRetire icon MCRetire is a Monte Carlo retirement simulator that takes into account the fluctuations on your investment. Use MCRetire to help you decide if your retirement assets are adequate for your needs.

Features include: calculation of success probability for a given withdrawal, calculation of allowed withdrawal for specified success probability, display of individual Monte Carlo realizations, and a built in adjustment model for inflation, expenses and taxes.

New MCRetire is free for purchasers of VisualMvo or MvoPlus.


Our mean variance optimization applications VisualMvo and MvoPlus are not linked to our Monte-Carlo retirement simulator MCRetire, but the former may be used to select the portfolio that you will use in the latter.