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Personal Information

When you complete any form at the Efficient Solutions web site, the information that you provide (with the exception of credit card information, see below) is stored in our database in a password-protected area. This information is required in order to identify you in case you have registered at the site before, and to send you updates about Efficient Solutions products.

This information is for our own use only, and will under no circumstances be released to any other party or organization. The only exception to this is when you have contacted Efficient Solutions via a third party reseller; in this case it may be necessary to share the information with the reseller.

Provided you have not purchased any Efficient Solutions product, you may remove your name from the database by sending email to Efficient Solutions with the word "remove" as the subject.

Credit Card Information

When you use PayPal to make a payment, using either your PayPal account, or direct credit card transaction, only the result of the transaction is transmitted back to Efficient Solutions, not any details of the credit card that you use in your PayPal account, or that you use in a direct credit card transaction. Therefore this credit information cannot be, and is not, stored in the Efficient Solutions database.

The result information does include the email address and shipping address that you provide to PayPal (which may be different from the ones you provided on the Efficient Solutions web site), but we do not use this information, or store it in our database. This email and shipping information is also contained in the confirmation email that PayPal sends to Efficient Solutions, and these emails are retained on our web server in a secure area accessible only to the password-protected Efficient Solutions account on the server. However we will not normally use this email and shipping address information; rather we use the ones that you supply on the Efficient Solutions web site.


Efficient Solutions does not place "cookies" on your computer.

Return Policy

All Efficient Solutions products may be downloaded for a free 30-day trial period. At any time during or after the trial period, you may register your software by purchasing a password. Please note that all sales are final once the password has been issued. If you have questions about the software prior to purchase, please contact Efficient Solutions.

Support Policy

Current versions of all Efficient Solutions products come with 60-day free email support, starting from the date you receive your password. To obtain support, please contact Efficient Solutions. Support is not available during the 30-day trial period, except for issues related to download and installation.