Licensing and Pricing

Download and Purchase Procedure

All Efficient Solutions products are distributed by electronic software download, and are available for free 30-day trial. The license agreement for the 30-day trial is the same as that for the single user license (see below).

To purchase your software, first download the 30-day trial version and have it running on your computer. The same downloaded program may then be converted into a licensed product with the purchase of a password. Two kinds of license are available: single user license and temporary class license.

Single-user license

This license has no time limit, but only the designated owner is permitted to use the software. The program may be loaded on multiple computers, but only if they are all owned or controlled by the designated owner.

Pricing for Single-User License
Product First copy Additional copies
VisualMvo $89.00 $45.00
MvoPlus $169.00 $85.00
VisualMvo to MvoPlus upgrade $89.00 $45.00
MCRetire $29.00 N/A

One Copy

Multi-Copy Discount

The multi-copy discount requires that each user:

These steps enable each user's personal information to be entered in our online database. There is a place on the order form to indicate that the order is part of a group purchase, and the individual user does not proceed to the payment page. Provided payment has been made, a separate password will be emailed to each individual.

Each individual in a multi-copy purchase is treated as a full owner of the software, and is entitled to product support.

The multi-copy discount is only available when all the purchases are made at one time. Rebates and combination pricing are not available for the multi-copy discount.

Please contact Efficient Solutions to arrange for a multiple copy discount.

Temporary class license

This license is available only for academic institutions, and is intended for class use. Each student may load the program on his/her own machine, using a common serial number and password. Alternatively, the application may be placed on a machine to which all the students have access, either with a common user profile or individual ones. This version may not be placed on a server and accessed remotely. The serial number and password may be distributed only to the members of a particular class.

Product support is not available to the individual students, but the teacher or professor may submit support requests if he/she is unable to resolve any questions.

Pricing for Temporary Class License
Product 6 months 1 year
VisualMvo N/A $200.00
MvoPlus $200.00 $350.00
MCRetire N/A N/A

Please contact Efficient Solutions to arrange for a temporary class license.